Episode 4.9: Season Four Finale

Wow, another season down! What a wild ride 2020 has been. We hope you’re staying safe and enjoying the holidays, despite the current challenges. Sending you all love and light and best wishes for the new year.

Our theme song is “Moon and Spruce” by Sarah Little Drum.

Per usual, in our season finale we award our annual Witchies for the following categories:

Which witch…
  • Inspired you to learn something new or to improve your craft?
  • Helped you to see other people in a new light or to better understand your own position in society (and/or take social action)?
  • Changed the way you think of your body or the human body in general?
  • Taught you something about the natural world or encouraged you to heal and/or connect with your environment?
  • Encouraged you to create art or foster a spiritual practice?
  • Made you laugh?
What was your favorite/ most magical moment from doing the podcast?
Which witch wins the Witch of the Year Award?

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