Episode 4.7: Bruja Born

Happy full moon AND Halloween/ Samhain! We hope you’re having a fun day and staying safe. In this episode, we discuss Bruja Born, the second book in the Brooklyn Brujas series by Zoraida Córdova. Be sure to check out our episode on the first book in the series, Labyrinth Lost, here. And check back in next month for our episode on the third book, Wayward Witch.

Our theme song is “Moon and Spruce” by Sarah Little Drum.

Here’s a listening guide for the episode. (For a description of our segments, go here.)

Welcome/ Pant Chat (0:00 – 3:25)

Introduction (3:25 – 8:03)

“Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?” (8:03 – 23:22)

“Bald Heads and Queer Noses” (23:22 – 51:25)

“Treguna, Mekoides, Trecorum, Satis, Dee!” (51:25 – 1:10:26)

Final Spells (1:10:26 – 1:13:38)

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