Episode 5.9: The Craft: Legacy

Happy October, Halloween/ Samhain, and full moon in Aries! It’s officially witch season! To celebrate, we teamed up with the phenomenal Lucé Tomlin-Brenner from the “It’s Always Halloween” podcast to discuss The Craft: Legacy (2020)–sequel to the 1996 cult classic The Craft.

Our theme song is “Moon and Spruce” by Sarah Little Drum. CW: discussion of suicide and abuse


Listening Guide

  • 0:00 – 1:45 Welcome
  • 1:45 – 15:31 Introduction to Lucé and “It’s Always Halloween”
  • 15:31 – 18:17 Saved by the Shorts
  • 18:17 – 30:38 Introduction to The Craft: Legacy
  • 30:38 – 54:35 “Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?”
  • 54:35 – 1:31:30 “Bald Heads and Queer Noses”
  • 1:31:30 – 1:39:53 Thoughts from Linda (about periods!)
  • 1:39:53 – 1:58:48 “Round About the Cauldron Go”
  • 1:58:48 – 2:05:22 Final Spells

“What we see in this film [The Craft: Legacy]…is witchcraft gives space for people’s voices that aren’t typically heard and that there are so many stories and experiences that we need to see.” @LTBcomedy

Episode 5.8: The Witches

Happy Harvest Moon (and fall equinox)! This month we’re discussing The Witches by Roald Dahl and its subsequent film adaptations (1990, 2020).

Our theme song is “Moon and Spruce” by Sarah Little Drum.


“The Dark Side of Roald Dahl” by Hephzibah Anderson (BBC)

Listening Guide

  • 0:00 – 8:53 Introduction
  • 8:53 – 11:08 Pants, Pants, Pants
  • 11:08 – 31:04 “Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?”
  • 30:57 – 1:03:14 “Bald Heads and Queer Noses”
  • 1:03:14 – 1:10:33 Final Spells

Episode 4.4: Toil and Trouble

Happy belated lunar eclipse! Sorry we’re a little late with this (as you know, there’s a lot going on in the world right now), but this episode is definitely worth the wait. We discuss the 2016 comic series Toil and Trouble written by Mairghread Scott and illustrated by Kelly and Nichole Matthews.

CW: discussion of police brutality, George Floyd, Amy Cooper, white supremacy, systemic racism (28:21 – 50:45)

We at Witches in Britches stand in solidarity with everyone using their voice to combat racism and police brutality and to dismantle systems of oppression. We believe Black lives are precious and every Black life matters, and we invite our White listeners to learn about White privilege and how you can help fight systemic racism. This Anti-Racist Reading List, curated by Katie’s other podcast is a great place to start.

Our theme song is “Moon and Spruce” by Sarah Little Drum.

Here’s a listening guide for the episode. (For a description of our segments, go here.)

Startin’ with Tartans (0:00 – 4:30)

Introduction (4:30 – 9:00)

“Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?” (9:00 – 20:53)

“Bald Heads and Queer Noses” (20:53 – 50:46)

“Round About the Cauldron Go”* (50:46 – 1:02:25)

“Treguna Mekoides Trecorum Sadis Dee!” (1:02:25 – 1:14:34)

Final Spells (1:14:34 – 1:22:40)

Outtakes (1:22:40 – 1:24:45)

*This segment name comes from Macbeth!

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 7.07.28 PM
Linda’s baby hands